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Jankowski's bunting Emberiza jankowskii


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Photo "House hunting - Emberiza sahari passerine bird in the bunting family Emberizidae, resident breeder of dry country from north-western Africa from Morocco south to Mali and east to Chad" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty- free licenses. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 4010x2673.

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Description and distribution

Yankovsky's oatmeal (Emberiza jankowskii) - a species of birds from the genus of real buntings. The size of a house sparrow. The top of the body is brownish, the bottom is light. On the chest there is a chestnut spot, the cap, the stripe across the eye and the "mustache" are dark.

Breeds in northeastern China and Korea.


It nests on gentle grassy slopes of low hills with sparse shrubs and trees, on coastal dunes and in reed thickets. It makes a nest on the ground among rare grass. The material for the nest is stems and leaves of herbs, the tray is lined with thin blades of grass and horsehair. Clutch contains 4 - 5 eggs. The female incubates, and the male feeds the chicks mainly. There are probably two broods per year.

Conservation status

About 300 birds nest in the western part of the range. On the territory of Russia, apparently, it disappeared. It is listed in the Red Book of Russia (status 1 - a narrow-range species, endangered, probably disappeared in Russia). The reason for the disappearance is a change in conditions at nesting sites (including burning dry grass) and competition with other, more plastic species of buntings.

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