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Long-tailed royal tyrant


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Tyrannus, or royal bird (Tyrannus tyrannus) 1. Male 2. Female (sheet 24 of the famous work of Benjamin Warren "Birds of Pennsylvania", illustrated based on the originals of John Audubon. USA. 1890)

Original publication year: 1890

Original technique: chromolithography

Dimensions (WxH, cm): Image: 13x20

From the original: Audubon, John James

Standard description:

We make the best reproductions (copies): very detailed, with excellent color reproduction, with maximum similarity to the original, pleasant to the touch and resistant to fading.

To do this, we first scan all the original works ourselves on high-precision equipment (rather than take ready-made files from photo banks), and then reproduce them in the giclee technique on thick paper of the highest quality.

Giclee (fr. Giclée - "to spray") is the most perfect method of digital printing of artistic images at the moment: millions of ink drops are sprayed on the surface of the paper, which makes the print as close as possible in quality and uniformity of tone transitions to the original image and allows you to transfer up to 16 million colors and shades.

The high-density pigment ink used is resistant to external influences, and their lightfastness exceeds 110 years.

As a base, we use only thick professional acid-free cotton textured paper with a sensitive velvety matte finish for a better ink perception, specially designed for art reproductions.

All reproductions are printed on order in limited edition, production time 1-3 days.


In adults, the head is light gray and the beak is dark, the chest and belly are light with salmon-pink sides. The back and wings are dark gray. Adult birds have a characteristic long, forked tail. In males it reaches 38 cm in length, in females it is 30% shorter. Wingspan 15 cm, average weight 43 grams. Young birds are less colorful and have a shorter tail.

The long-tailed royal tyrant lives in open shrublands in south-central Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, western Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri, in northeastern Mexico. For wintering, birds migrate in flocks of up to 1000 individuals. The wintering region covers the territory from the south of Mexico to Panama.

They feed mainly on insects (grasshoppers, flies and dragonflies), waiting for prey on the roost. As a rule, they catch insects in the air. Also, berries can be included in the diet of birds.

Birds build nests in lonely trees or bushes, or on artificial objects such as telephone poles near settlements. The clutch contains from three to six eggs. Both parents are involved in feeding. Like other members of the family, tyrants aggressively defend their nests.

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Photo "Eastern king bird (Tyrannus tyrannus))" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 2647x1765.

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