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Hello everyone! I was reviewing the Matrix trilogy here the other day, and noticed a couple of interesting things (it always happens when you review it thoughtfully).

1. About the copperhead

When Neo gets into Trinity's car under the bridge, Switch points the gun at him, accompanied by the line, "Listen, coppertop (listen, copperhead)." Quite a strange appeal to a person, I thought it meant a dumbass or something, but I decided to double-check.

So, it turns out, coppertop in American slang is called a finger battery (This was inspired by the distinctive color of Duracell batteries, black and copper).

But Morpheus (who, by the way, is just Morpheus, without Coquettish -us) will tell Neo only half an hour later that cars use people's energy as batteries, and will even show this very black and copper battery.

2. The end is the same as the beginning

The film starts and ends in one place.

Room 303, from where Trinity is arrested at the very beginning, is exactly the same room where Neo runs at the end of the film, and where he is killed (after which he is reborn).

This can be seen from the sign of the hotel, as well as from the same view of the corridor (a chimney caught my attention).

3. Smith suit

By the way, here from the previous frame you can see that all agents are wearing a suit of the same color, dark green.

As we remember, at the end of the first part, Neo destroys Smith, but due to some anomaly, Smith does not die, but ceases to be an agent and becomes a virus. Smith himself claims that at the time of his destruction, Neo unwittingly changed the code of his program, thereby "freeing him".

This is clearly shown to us in the second part, Smith now wears a suit in black (emphasizing the connection with Neo), a different color from the suit of the rest of the agents.

4. Architect

There is quite a lot of controversy about whether the plot of the second and third parts was planned during the filming of the first, or it was invented after the success of the original film.

However, there is one detail that is either very well played out, or indeed, indicates a reserve for the future.

In the first part, at the very beginning, when the agents arrest Neo and plant a bug on him, we see a frame with the Chosen One sitting on many monitors.

And in the second part, we are finally shown where this abundance of monitors is - in the Architect's room

It is not known whether the Architect was originally conceived or successfully played in the sequel.

5. A nod to the blind

Just a funny observation - before meeting the Oracle, Morpheus nods to the blind man. And the blind man nods back!

6. Handle

Another funny moment - the Wachowskis passionate how they wanted to cunningly capture the moment when Neo opens the door to the Oracle.

It was decided to shoot it as if from the inside of the handle itself - for this, the camera was disguised as the lower part of Morpheus' suit!

The lens and even half of the tie are visible in the reflection.

7. Gemini

It is a known fact that during the filming of the scenes inside the Matrix, the Wachowskis used many twins to show the simulated world.

I decided to check it out, it turned out to be true!

True, only in the matrix in which the Morpheus team trains (apparently, their computing power is weaker than that of machines).

I singled out the twins I found in the scene with the agent.