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Fruit pigeons, or fruit pigeons - a genus of birds of the pigeon family


Common Bronze-winged Faps Pigeon - Phaps chalcoptera
Shrub bronze-winged faps pigeon - Phaps elegans
Bronze Wing Pigeon-Faps-Harlequin - Phaps histrionica
Spotted pigeons - Ptilinopus
Black-winged motley pigeon - Ptilinopus cinctus
Long-tailed spotted pigeon - Ptilinopus magnificus
Magnificent Spotted Dove - Ptilinopus superbus
Pink-capped spotted pigeon - Ptilinopus regina
Fruit-eating pigeons - Ducula
Blue-tailed frugivorous pigeon - Ducula concinna
Dusky fruit dove - Ducula whartoni
Black-necked frugivorous pigeon - Ducula mullerii
Bicolor frugivorous pigeon - Ducula bicolor

Among all the pigeons that live in Australia, there are only two species of birds,
whose heads are adorned with pretty tufts sticking up.
This is a sharp-crested stone pigeon (lat.Geophaps plumifera) and one of its
the closest relatives are the crested bronze-winged pigeon.

Fruit-eating pigeons

Fruit pigeons, or fruit pigeons, are a genus of birds of the pigeon family.

Large pigeons of bright color. Inhabitants of dense humid forests of South and Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago, Australia, New Guinea, the islands of Oceania to Tahiti in the east. They eat fruits.

1. Types

The genus includes 35 - 37 species:

  • Ducula aurorae - Tahitian fruit pigeon
  • Ducula rosacea
  • Ducula finschii - Finsch's fruit-eating pigeon
  • Ducula carola - Spotted fruit pigeon
  • Ducula poliocephala - Philippine fruit pigeon
  • Ducula pistrinaria - Melanesian frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula rubricera - Red-crested fruiting pigeon
  • Ducula subflavescens
  • Ducula melanochroa - Black fruit dove
  • Ducula galeata - Marquesas frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula bicolor - Bicolor frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula mullerii - Black-necked fruit dove
  • Ducula pinon - Goggle-eyed fruit-eating pigeon
  • Ducula constans
  • Ducula zoeae - Banded frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula badia - Mountain fruit pigeon
  • Ducula oceanica - Micronesian frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula pacifica - Pacific fruit dove
  • Ducula latrans - Fijian fruit dove
  • Ducula pickeringii - Gray frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula radiata - Stripe-tailed frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula mindorensis - Mindor fruit dove
  • Ducula chalconota - Brilliant fruit dove
  • Ducula brenchleyi - Chestnut-bellied fruit pigeon
  • Ducula cineracea - Timor fruit pigeon
  • Ducula basilica - Moluccan fruit pigeon
  • Ducula concinna - Blue-tailed fruit dove
  • Ducula goliath - New Caledonian Fruit Pigeon
  • Ducula lacernulata - Dark-backed frugivorous pigeon
  • Ducula whartoni - Dusky fruit dove
  • Ducula aenea - Muscat Pigeon
  • Ducula rufigaster - Red-bellied fruit-eating pigeon
  • Ducula myristicivora - Black-crested fruit pigeon
  • Ducula forsteni - Sulawesian fruit pigeon
  • Ducula spilorrhoa - Pied fruit dove
  • Ducula perspicillata - Spectacled fruit pigeon
  • Ducula bakeri - New Hebrides Fruit Pigeon