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Crested tinamu - animals described in 1832


Crested tinamu (lat. Eudromia) is a genus of birds of the Tinam family, currently consisting of 2 species. All representatives of the genus are medium-sized birds with variegated plumage. Their homeland is South America.


Latin name of the genus - Eudromia, formed from two Greek words: eu - good and dromos - running speed, thus the generic name can be translated as a good runner.


The body length of the crested tinamu is about 35 cm. The plumage is variegated, earthy brown with black streaks. Paws are bluish in color. There is a crest on the head.


The homeland of the crested tinamou is South America. Birds are common in several countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. They inhabit open cold steppes. Crested tinamu keep in flocks of 10-20 to 100 individuals.


Currently, the genus includes 2 species:

  • Eudromia elegans - Crested tinamu
  • Eudromia formosa - Beautiful Crested Tinamou, or Gorgeous Tinamu

There is also known 1 fossil species belonging to the genus Crested Tinamo:

  • † Eudromia olsoni Tambussi & Tonni, 1985

Crested tinamu

The crested tinamu is a ratite resident bird native to Argentina. Body length - 38 - 41 cm. Weight - from 400 to 800 g. Representative of tinamu, which is of medium size. Characteristic features are a white stripe on the sides of the head and a long, upturned crest. The legs are strong, the middle toe is missing. These are shy birds that keep in small groups in forests, meadows and bushes.

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Tinamu bird World of birds.

With a short tarsus, 9 crested tinamu, 10 loons, 11 loons paws, 33 crested palamedeas, 34 condors, 35 American vulture beaks. Elegant Crested Tinamu stock photos and more. Crested tinamu lat. Eudromia elegans is a ratite resident bird native to Argentina. Body length 38 41 cm. Weight from 400 to 800 g. Inconspicuous birds of venerable age BirdsGuide. Crested Cuckoos Crested Penguins Crested Tits Crested Tinamou Crested Guinea Fowl Crested Agouti Crested Argus.

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Birds: 1 kiwi 2 emperor penguin 3 African ostrich 4 loons 5 fulmars 6 crested tinamu 7 pelican 8 spoonbill 9 gray. Tinamu The most interesting in the blogs LiveInternet. Tinamiformes: Tinamiformes. Tinamidae: Tinamu. 14. Crested tinamoux Eudromia elegans. 15. Beautiful crested tinamoux Eudromia formosa. 16.

Egg of graceful crested tinamou eudromia elegans Premium.

Archive BVI: Systematics: Eudromia. Hidden-Tail Tradition. Eudromia formosa. Classification: Birds Aves Tinamuiformes Tinamiformes Tinamu Tinamidae 323 is a beautiful crested tinamu. Data about. Tinamiformes Encyclopedia of Animals. Alpine Nothoprocta, tailless Nothura and crested tinamoux Eudromia The crested tinamoux Eudromia elegans is a small resident bird. Russian names Archive BVI: Systematics. Download this Premium Crested Tinamou Egg eudromia elegans Photo and discover over 5 million professionals.

Personal site Detachment: Tinamuformi.

Slender-billed I kay ra a. Karavayk a. Turkey. She is a heavenly thief. Anna's K a Lipta. Indian I cana. Yellow cuckoo. Crested tinamu. Z l at og. Pictures of elegant crested tinamu, Stock Photos and. Download Stock Photo Elegant Crested Tinamu Popular Stock Photo Bank Affordable Prices Millions of royalty free photos, images. 1013022329.pdf ngenix. A contains pictures of Tinamu. You can download pictures of Tinamu bird: red, Chilean, crested for children for free.

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Birds kiwi 2 emperor penguin 3 African ostrich 4 loons 5 fulmars 6 crested tinamu 7 pelican 8 spoonbills 9 gray goose. How bird eggs get their beauty ecology news on. Chicken, crested tinamou and common rhea. Chicken and tinamu mCE967994 turned out to be active and trigger GFP expression. Ostriches say goodbye to the sky Elements of great science. TINAMU Tinamidae: As a unique family, the tinamu probably in large flocks, like the crested tinamu Eudromia elegans, whose flocks.

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The tinamu order includes about 50 species of ancient birds. In Argentina, there lives an elegant crested tinamu 35 cm, and in Chile and Ecuador, Chilean. Born not to fly. In the loss of the ability of birds to fly. Tinamu Large Tinamus major tinamou Shrub Crypturellus cinnamomeus tinamu Small Crypturellus soui tinamu Elegant crested.

Owl Big Encyclopedia of Oil and Gas, article, a 2.

The crested tinamoux Eudromia elegans is a small resident bird common in northern Chile and Argentina. The length of her body is 38 41. Encyclopedia of Latin America. Articles on. Classification and species of birds, care, feeding, photo of birds: Elegant crested tinamoux Eudromia elegans. Making Elegant Crested Tinamou Answers. Tinamus is a genus of birds of the Tinamu family, consisting of 5 species. Miocene and belong to the still existing genus of crested tinam Eudromia. Tinamu bird photo. Wild Animals Painting. Bird, Animals. Source of the article. Tiande Balashov. Tinamu bird World of birds. Bird crested tinamu, photo by i.

A word to TINAMU What is TINAMU? Word meanings.

Handsome crested tinamu. Mountain steppe tinamu. Patagonian mountain steppe tinamu. Recommended Russian name. Short-billed hidden tail. NOTES ABOUT THE BIRDS OF THE FIERY LAND AND THE SOUTHERN. Tinamidae Tinamu Taoniscus nanus dwarf tinamu Eudromia elegans crested tinamu Eudromia formosa beautiful. Crested tinamu Eudromia elegans Birds on VKontakte. 11 tinamu the hermit. Biology: solitary tinamou Tinamus solitarius. The universal Russian English dictionary tinamu hermit. 12 crested tinamu.

Taxonomy Species: Tinamu crested graceful Eudromia elegans.

Crested tinamoux Eud lomia elegans. tinamu Tinamiformes, hidden tails, a group of birds endemic to Latin America. 9 genera with 45 species. Timanu crested Eudromia elegans. Tinamu are found only in South and Central America. In captivity, crested tinamou is most often contained. Crested tinamu in off-season. Tinamu: About a stunning bird from the end of the world Book of animals. Darwin Nandu and Crested Tinamou in Patagonia nest and hatch chicks side by side with Magellanic penguins. But how much. Family Tinamu Tinamidae, general characteristics. Crested tinamu gets its name from the long black tufted head. This is one of the oldest living groups of birds.

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Order: Tinamiformes Tinamu, hidden tails, tinamu-like true tinamu Genus: Eudromia Geoffroy Saint Hilaire I., 1832 Crested tinamu. Tinamu, tinamu bird, tinamu description, about tinamu, tinamu c. Big tinamu. Gray crypturellus. Tataupa the Horned Palamedea. Crested Palamedea King Penguin. Crested Penguin.

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